Meet the maker behind the camera straps

Meet the maker behind the camera straps

We always have parents asking us about a shoulder strap for our wooden toy cameras. We didn't include one with the camera was because safety issues. All of our toy cameras passed safety tests, and one of the requirements would be not including a strap that was longer than certain length. 

We knew that a strap would help children not losing or dropping the camera. When we manufactured the second time for our 35MM Wooden Toy Cameras, we added a knot on the side for aesthetic and functioning as a place to tight the strap in the future. Then we met Irene from la Lovie, a brand that specialized in handmade dolls and slow crafts. We immediately felt in love with her work. 

Father's Factory wooden toy camera now has handmade straps made here in los angeles


Father's Factory 35MM Wooden Toy Camera Now has a handmade strap made in USA

Her attention to details is amazing. We love her aesthetics and the styles she put into her dolls. She gave each dolls as much love and life as she could, and sent them to the lovely families around the globe.

We asked if she would help us to make some straps. We chose different patterns, materials, and colors. With many options to come, parents and children can personalize their first beloved camera!

Father's Factory 35MM Wooden Toy Camera now has handmade straps made in Los Angeles

Father's Factory 35MM Wooden Toy Camera handmade strap is made in USA

Now there would be options to carry the camera onto the next adventures, put it on a tripod as an interior decor at home, or both!

We are so glad that we found Irene, together we gave our cameras new purpose, functions, and lives!

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