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Small Shops Support Small Shops V.1

COVID-19 has hit us quick and hard. No one has prepared for it. For small business owners, the challenge is even greater at a time like this. We are thankful to meet a group of like-minded small business owners on IG, and all of us has come together to help and promote each others' business. Special thanks to Natalie, the organizer of this Small Shop Friends event, who also runs 

On 5/14, we have launched a Small Shop Friends event that 20+ shops have come together to offer discounts with one universal code: SHOPFRIENDS 

As part of the vibrant small shop community, Father's Factory would love to support other small business in anyways we can. So we will share the stores who participate in this Small Shop Friends event below: 

Inspired by Leah @inspiredbyleah
Specializes in modern and delicate bows for babies and girls. I offer a variety of materials like fabric, velvets, ribbons, etc.

RaisingKindBoutique @raisingkindboutique
Sells affordable and adorable baby/toddler clothing and accessories for boys and girls.

Hand Made Stratton @handmadestratton
Handmade Stratton is where quality meets comfort. We make twirl dresses, rompers, and more in quality designs that your children will love (and you will too)! Everything is handmade in our family shop and we are CPSC compliant.

Blooming Indigo @shopbloomingindigo
The owner is a work from home mama of two and an angel boy! I create capsule style bonnets, clothing, accessories, and personally designed home and nursery goods. Each piece is hand crafted in the comfort of our tiny home on an island in Washington

Jax and Torr @jax.and.torr
Offers tees and accessories for mamas and their babes that are simplistic is style and encourage love and play. All our items are screen printed by hand and made with love. 

January Jungle @januaryjungle
As parents we are always searching for comforting products to introduce to our children. January Jungle was born to be a child's first cuddles and favorite toy! We want every child to share in the comfort of our Jungle animals.

Little Rosemond @littlerosemond
Bring a touch of magic into your life with Little Rosemond, handmade enchanting accessories inspired by land & sea. Wool Felt crowns, wands & Floret hair clips

Snicklefritz Collection @snicklefritzcollection
As a wife and stay at home mom of two boys, it has been a struggle to find stylish and comfortable apparel for myself and my little ones. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Naomi is blessed to be able to work from home and be there for her family. All while translating a mothers love for fashion into garments that you and your children can proudly wear.

Sweet P Baby Co. @sweetpbabyco
Makes toy and snack straps to keep your little ones favorite things off the ground and in their hands! Our straps also double as teethers and are fully customizable.

DBH Boutique @dbhboutique
Makes simple, light weight, nickel-free jewelry with love in Lincoln, Nebraska. our goal is to inspire women to chase their dreams too!

NOORA @noorastudios
Ties their collections to the Finnish heritage starting with the company name, “Noora”. Noora is a Finnish baby girl name meaning “light”, which takes on two meanings for us: our earrings are weightless (light as air) and they’re colorful (light up a room!) and truly, art for your ears! They’ve always held the belief that taking a stand, speaking up, and making a statement should be the thing a woman most admires about herself. The various Noora collections give any color, age, nationality of woman that opportunity. Wearing bold art on your head is statement enough! 

To be continued tomorrow...
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