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Longest time we had experienced in our lives

Almost all parents have the experiences of losing sight of their children for short time. We had that too. Those couple of minutes were the longest time we had experienced in our lives. Everyday we watched the news, and I always thought that how lucky we were just to see our kids everyday because some people can’t even do that. It’s the most basic thing of us human, to stay with our families no matter how hard it is. By the end of the day, it’s a blessed to hug and kiss each other. .We want to do something, even very little, to help these families that got separated in the US border. Starting tomorrow, we will donate 20% of...

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Top 10 Father's Day Gift

Are you ready for Father's Day? Are you still looking for a great gift for dad?  We are so thrilled that we made top 10 of the Babyccino Kids Father’s Day gift list! Head to MineMine Kids to check it out our wooden digital camera. This will be the best gift that dad had never had before!

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Today I am so excited to share a new brand that has joined forces with one of my favorite online boutiques- MineMine Kids! Father’s Factoryoffers unique toys and goods for children. I am obsessed with all their wooden camera designs. Built with Walnut, Beech Kaleidoscope LensWood and Kaleidoscope lens the camera we received is so unique! It fits perfectly in my three year old sons hands and he really has grown attached to it in the last several days, knowing how much mama likes her camera. He walks around saying “I see you!” all the time while peaking through the lens. I really think the Kaleidoscope lens gives it an extra leg up on some other wood cameras I have...

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Day in the life + Fathers Factory // A photo journal

There's nothing quite as flattering as your own kid wanting to be more like you.  Copycat's never looked so cute!  That's why giving her this camera from Fathers Factory was an obvious choice when it came to toys.  The only problem was that Ace fell in love with it too.  Since adding our camera to our daily lives, we've taken it to all our favorite spots in LA including the playground and our bi-weekly trip to TOMS.   Father's Factory falls right in line with our beliefs when it comes to play.  Wooden toys not only last longer, they create imagination which is easy lost in any hot wheels set or plastic barbie doll.  They sell a number of other fun...

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Family Bonding ft. Father’s Factory Wooden Camera Toy

We love their 35mm Vintage Style Camera. It is defiantly high quality wood with such realistic features. Two of my favorite parts that my son enjoyed playing with were its kaleidoscope lens and magnetic flashing light. I really loved the feature of the magnetic detachable flash, because it makes that piece less likely to get lost around the house.

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