Behind The Scene - Super16 Wooden Toy Cameras

Behind The Scene - Super16 Wooden Toy Cameras

We just launched our Super16 Pro wooden toy camera and Super16 handheld wooden toy camera. Now let's go behind the scene to explore our original idea and design process. 

When Jimmy, our founder was little, his dad had a vintage camera that you could crank the level on the camera to record movies. He found joy in the cranking motion, and that memory stayed with him throughout the years. Unfortunately, he broke the rewind level at the end. The rest of the story as we can imagine, dad grounded him for 2 weeks. 

Besides the punishment from dad, that joyful moment of playing with the vintage camera stayed with him. He reflected that recollection onto the toy he designed. 

Inspiration for Super16 wooden toy camera

After the success of Super 8, Jimmy wanted to add more to complete our movie wooden toy camera collection. We have the complete 35MM wooden toy camera collection for children to capture images. Now we need something fun for children to tell their adorable stories! The movie wooden toy camera collection will connect children to the world for them to tell their stories to love ones.

This is the original idea of the Super 16 wooden toy camera. It was the first draft Jimmy drew. So much improvements had been done, and the final product looks so different than the original idea.  

original idea of super 16 wooden toy camera

Part of the technical drawing of the Super 16 wooden toy camera.

Super16 wooden toy camera design process

When we designed, we utilized the 3D printing technology after we drew everything 2D. This way it ensured the accuracy when we sampled.

Super 16 wooden toy camera design process utilizing 3D printing technology

Of course, our 2 little monkeys are our source of inspirations.

our 2 children is our source of inspiration for Father's Factory wooden toys

The whole movie wooden toy camera collection:

Whole collection of Father's Factory movie wooden toy cameras