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Longest time we had experienced in our lives

Almost all parents have the experiences of losing sight of their children for short time. We had that too. Those couple of minutes were the longest time we had experienced in our lives. Everyday we watched the news, and I always thought that how lucky we were just to see our kids everyday because some people can’t even do that. It’s the most basic thing of us human, to stay with our families no matter how hard it is. By the end of the day, it’s a blessed to hug and kiss each other. .
We want to do something, even very little, to help these families that got separated in the US border. Starting tomorrow, we will donate 20% of our one week proceeds to @aclu_nationwide. It probably won’t be much, but when everyone of us starts doing something positive, the world will become a little better everyday. #lovewins #familystaystogether #lovewinsalways .
Illustration by @rajovilla thank you your beautiful work!


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