Our First Summer Camping Trip - Father's Factory

Our First Summer Camping Trip

During this pandemic, traveling with the family has a lot of restriction. This is one of the reasons why we got into camping. I grew up in a city and camping sounded very foreign to me. We still made a decision that we would go camping with our kids because we wanted to have more family times. We wanted our kids to be able to unplugged and enjoyed lives without electronic devices. 

I am scared of snakes and bugs, so sleeping in a tent sounds terrifying to me. We loved the idea of #vanlife, so we decided to give it a try. It ended up our SUV was very comfortable. It was very cozy and we had senses of security inside of our SUV. 

van life. camping with the family. play out door. childhood unplugged

Despited the heat, we made it to Joshua Trees. It is no doubt a beautiful national park. It is a place filled with serenity. We picked Black Rock as our campground, and we immediately felt in love with it. We were not even in the park, but we have already been stunned by the beauty of the land. 

Joshua Trees. Capture the moment. Photo. Camera. Digital Camera.

The sky, the sand, and the trees are all great backdrop to our Wooden Digital Camera.

Father's Factory wooden digital camera for kids. kids camera. heirloom quality camera.

Father's Factory wooden digital camera is a perfect camera for kids. kids camera

With our Wooden Digital Camera on hand, kids showed lots of interests to their surroundings. They started paying attention to all the texture on the rock, the details on the plants, and they look closely to the flowers to take an interesting shot! I am so happy to see kids putting good uses for our cameras.

Here are some sample photos we downloaded from the kids' cameras:

Father's Factory wooden digital camera is perfect for kids. kids camera. kids capture the perfect photo

Father's Factory Wooden Digital Camera is perfect for kids.

father's factory wooden digital camera is perfect for kids.

Thanks to them, these very special photos are from angles we, adults have never thought of showing interests to. From their photos and their point of views, all of a sudden these photos hold very special meaning.


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