Building a School at Troas in Memory of Aspen Jayne

We are participate the auction to help other family. please joining us!

On 26 August 2017, our lives were forever altered when, our granddaughter, Aspen Jayne, entered the world. For 233 days we were able to hold her and love her here on earth. On 15 April 2018, she was called home to heaven and is now safe in the arms of Jesus. Until we are reunited with Aspen in heaven, we want to honor her precious life on earth.

In Aspen’s memory, we will be supporting the ongoing efforts of Imani Milele Children to educate and feed some of Uganda’s orphaned and most vulnerable children. We have spoken in person with Pastor Moses, founder/president of Imani Milele, and his wife Madame Hopkins, dean of students; we have met the dedicated staff and visited several of Imani’s eight educational centers in Uganda. We are beyond impressed by the Imani ministry and the love they have for these children.

4,026 children are currently being educated and some housed on Imani Milele Campuses, but there is a great need for additional facilities. The need is especially great at the Troas campus, where our sponsor children are from.

With your help, we would like to fund several buildinga on the Troas Campus. Will you please join us in honoring Aspen and supporting the children of Imani Milele?

Chad & Julie Anthony

Giving to others what we can no longer give to her: hope, love and education.

Aspen Jayne 8/26/2017-4/15/2018

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