Proud to be a small part of the story "Through the Palms" - Father's Factory

Proud to be a small part of the story "Through the Palms"

Photographer Michelle Neshin sent us this editorial and her description of it was just so perfect we had to share.

The “Through the Palms” editorial is a story of extreme childhood. It is a story of color, laughter, and freedom. It is a story of a young boy and girl enjoying each others company while they spend their summer adventuring around their little beach town. Through the Palms is a story of equality, there is no gender more powerful than the other, no gender smarter, and no gender happier, in every sense of the word these young kids play and grow on an even playing field. On the other side of the palms, these young kids live their days full of joy, adventure, and giggles …… may they never have to grow up!

credits //

Photographer Michelle Neshin | Stylist – Nikki Donin | HMUA- Lauren Massaro | Models – Sophia and Elton from Soleil Kids

Towel Hoodie // Kindhood
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