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Love Lennie's Illustration

When Lennie tagged us on Instagram, we were taken by surprise how cute our wooden toy camera turned out as an illustration. So we want to get to know Lennie more. It turns out Lennie is a self-taught illustrator based in Indonesia. We were moved by her passion. 

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Previously, Lennie studied finance in Singapore and worked in banks for 3 years before deciding to do illustration full time. She hated her job at the banks. To relieve stress, she started drawings on her iPad and shared it on her social media. Fast forward to 2020,  she is already taking clients around the world and got featured on

She mostly draws children illustration and British royals illustrations (mainly Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and their kids). 
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And here is her website:
We think our wooden toy cameras and Lennie's illustration work really well together, do you?!
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