Collection: Twinkle Wooden Toy Cameras

Delight your little adventurers with our Twinkle wooden toy camera. With 4 color and materials combinations, you can now build your own wooden toy camera to fit your little one's personality.

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Twinkle Camera with No.4 Tube Viewfinder

The Tube Viewfinder is made with solid walnut wood, giving children another way to explore the world.

photo shows a child holding a two lens wooden toy camera. this wooden toy is made of walnut and beech wood. she loves playing wooden toys.

Twinkle Camera with No.3 Round Wooden Flash Light

The magnetic round flashlight is made with solid walnut wood, adding a retro look to the Twinkle Wooden Toy Camera.

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Twinkle Camera Walnut Camera Body & Beech Wood Lens

Camera body only, simple and easy to carry in your pocket.

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