Our Story

Father's Factory is your one destination for a wooden toy camera! Choose from a wide range of wooden toy camera styles that will delight your little creatives. Father's Factory's high-quality wooden toy camera is sure to become a treasured keepsake.
What was your thought process behind starting your own business?

When we became parents, we found that the toys our kids play with were overstimulated. Kids get bored with them easily. Most toys don't allow children to think and imagine on their own, and they are designed to be consumed at a fast pace. However, the majority of them were made with plastic. When they got thrown out, they would end up in the landfill. 

This became a frustration for us when we selected toys for our girls. The toys out on the market were also not designed to aesthetically fit into your home. It was either we had to give up our space to fill with uncoordinated colored toys or no toys at all! 

Because of this frustration, Jimmy often built toys with cardboard for the girls to play with. The most basic and un-glorified toys spark their creativity and imagination. Over time, these cardboard toys become an important part of the girls’ lives. Seeing the many magical moments that his work bought to his family, Jimmy was inspired to spread joy with parents and kids around the world. He started to design toys that would bring families together and create memories that would last lifetimes.

What sets Father's Factory different than other toy companies?
Most toy companies design their products to be played for a short period of time. At Father's Factory, we design our toys to stick around with families to create memories lasting a lifetime. Our toys inspire families to be creative, explore around, and play outside more. Our goal is to design toys that have a longer product life span so they won’t be thrown out and end up in the landfill once the toys fulfill their purposes. Through our designs, we teach children to take care of their belongings because our toys are designed to last a long time. They are designed to easily fit your home’s aesthetics. They are meant to be kept, passed on, or displayed as interior decor once the kid outgrew them. 

What is your inspiration behind your brand Father's Factory?
Our 2 children are our biggest motivation and inspiration. LEGO is a family activity that we love to do together. Building LEGO, it inspires us too.

Hiking, photography, and gardening are all sources of inspiration for us.